Sunday, August 12, 2012

Got Nothing to Wear?

I always hear people saying, I have nothing to wear to work out, I feel the same way, so I did a little informal poll to find out what people are loving for workout gear. I polled all women, some were moms, some were workout-ahoholics, and some women who just casually work out. For the most part the answers that I got were similar to my own tastes. But I was also happily informed about some cool new brands and tips. 

I found that for the most part we don't really like to spend too much money on workout gear, I get it... Why bother when we are only going to sweat in it and we found out the other day that we all really want to spend our money on shoes and bags!  It is, however, difficult to find inexpensive things that are still cute. And let's face it, looking cute counts!

Here's a tip, try TJ Maxx or Marshals. What a great place to find name brand tops and pants for less. You can find, Nike, Under Armor, Adidas, Champion, New Balance and Puma, many of which were top fave's of the women I polled.  

I often turn to Gap or Old Navy, for cuteness and price. Gap sends out coupons practically every week…. Score! Other brands to check out are Altheta, Marika, and Lululemon. These shops are great for the cuteness factor, not so much for the budget. Keep an eye out for sales.

Other must haves for working out according to these ladies are IPhone or IPod armbands and a great playlist, Pump it by the Black Eyed Peas gets me motivated every time!  The Nike plus adapter for running is a great way to keep on track of your milage.  And don't forget those weight lifting gloves to avoid calluses!

Now, not having anything to wear is no longer an excuse to not workout! 

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