Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Know you can Relate to This

I may be a mom, I may be 30...3!  But I am by no means over the hill or out of touch!  So when someone says to me "you look good for being a mom" frankly i get offended! I look good period!

When I am out to dinner with my family an I order a 23oz beer instead of the pint glass don't be shocked. 
I could still party like when I was in college… If I wanted to!  It just might take me a week to recoup.

And I still listen to Rihanna and Usher, it just might be the kids bob version! 

So just because I am a mom don't assume I am a minivan driving (although extremely practical), mom jean wearing, June Cleaver! Do however assume, I will give my kids everything they need and do anything for them!

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