Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Fit Tips: Don't Drop your Routine By Lisa Druxman, Stroller Strides CEO

Summer is HERE! I don’t think I am alone in feeling like summer is a time for celebration; warm weather, outdoor fun, school’s out, I could go on and on! One of the things summer is known for, however, is the tendency to drop your routine because of trips, vacations, family visiting, etc. While we don’t want you to miss out on the fun, we also don’t want you to take steps back in your fitness journey. Here are some Summer Fit Tips to get your workouts in:
Schedule your day with your workout in the plan-know when and where your workout will take place and honor that commitment to yourself.
Keep it simple-Your workout doesn’t have to be an overly planned event; simply get to your Stroller Strides or Fit4Baby class (or take a class in the town you are visiting on vacation), put your shoes on and get outside.

Look at the movements of your day with an athlete’s perspective-everything you do throughout your day can be part of your “workout”. For example: deep squats when picking up the laundry basket/infant car seat, take the stairs two at a time (and fast), calf raises while washing dishes, glute squeezes in the car on the way to the beach, core rotation while digging a hole in the sand with your toddler…you get the picture!
Prepare for the unexpected-Summer brings with it a relaxed and fluid energy. Try not to get too stressed if the workout didn’t happen when it was supposed to or for as long as you would like. Just make up for it somewhere else.
Most importantly, stay active this summer…you deserve to play and parent in a fit healthy body!
  • By Lisa Druxman

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Your Children Will Thank You!

I want to congratulate and make sure each of our Stroller Strides moms and all moms who make an effort at staying fit and eating healthy understand how amazing it is for you and your children. The actions you take to take care of yourself and the example you lead for your children is priceless.

I don't know the statistics of obesity in our country but I know it is a huge problem. While on vacation I saw it first hand. The amount of overweight families is astounding! It's scary and sad. 

I heard one lady who clearly was over weight say to her young daughter (probably about 9 years old) who also was overweight that she couldn't have Ice cream before lunch while in the same breath handing her a super-sized coke! 

I'm not sure if it's the lack of education (although it's hard not to be educated with all the resources we have available to us) or the lack of money or that they just don't care.
Whatever the case I would encourage everyone to get moving an make simple changes in your diet that can lead to bigger changes. 

And to all moms who are already moving and eating healthy keep it up! Your children and their children will follow in your foot steps and will ensure a longer happier life.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ten Favorite things

There is a show on Bravo called "Ten Things That Make Me Happy" where celebs share things that make them happy. While Kyle Richards was talking about her sentimental 10 carrot ring and her lasagna it got me to thinking, what are my favorite things.  I may not have a 10 carrot ring or 10 Chanel bags but there are a lot of things in my life that make me happy.

First is obviously my handsome husband and beautiful boys! That is a no brainer.

Next I would say are my pearl set. In my everyday to day I do not get to wear them much, although showing up to @Stroller Strides wearing them would be something to talk about. When I put them on I feel like I am the ideal, classy wife and mother, I walk taller and with my head held high. I feel like I am without faults or leftover lunch on my shirt. Yay for pearls! 

My dog makes me very happy. Who doesn't love the way a pet reacts when you come home? 

My IPod makes me happy! When I am using my IPod it means I am going for a run, it's my time to clear my head, and just listen to the music. As mothers we do not get a lot of time to just ourselves, even taking a shower is often interrupted these days. But when I am running, it's just me and my motivation! 

Another thing that makes me happy is my house!  The yard is a great place for hitting a few golf balls or baseballs, the driveway is perfect for bike riding, and the deck gets lots of sun for tanning!  When I walk through the door I feel at home, it is comfortable and warm.  It is a place where lots of fun memories are being made!

Okay, this one might be a little odd to some but, Clorox Wipes make me happy! I know, 'going green' is better but these wipes make cleaning so quick and easy. When my little ones miss the toilet bowl these babies are the best! Seriously, how do they miss that big hole and get the wall?

Housewives make me happy. Usually tons of drama and basically a train wreck. Gotta love reality tv! If you are not watching at least one group of housewives you are missing out! Kyle Richards (RHBH) got me thinking and Phaedra Parks (RHA) always has great, funny words of wisdom! 

I love Twizlers, they make my sweet tooth happy!  

Another thing that makes me happy are mimosas. Champagne and oj, what a combination! Most likely if you are drinking a mimosa you are celebrating something like a bridal or baby shower or are on vacation. What's better than that? 

Lastly my engagement ring makes me so happy. Not only is it beautiful, but it is a symbol of our love. When I think about how nervous my husband must have been to not only ask me to marry him but to first ask my father, who by the way asked my husband 'if he was sure?" um, thanks a lot dad. Ha. Anyway, it makes me smile. 

Those are 10 things that make me happy and that I love! Take a minute and think about the things that you love!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birthday Party Overload

Picture just received 5 birthday party invitations for the same weekend. The older child was invited to 2 the younger child to 1 and both to the other 2. (following so far?) Right off the bat you RSVP no, to two of them. 5 parties in one weekend is insane, 3 is a bit more manageable.

Saturday rolls around and you and your husband divide and conquer so that both children can attend the birthday parties they were invited to. After 3 hours of running, climbing, sliding, and jumping, chips, pizza, cake and goody bags full of candy your kids fall asleep in the car just to do it all again the next day. Sounds pretty good right? Kids in bed early a glass of wine and a uninterrupted movie with the hubby. It does sound good until Monday morning rolls around and the first thing they ask is "can I have a cupcake? can we go to jumpin jakes?"

In our house, getting past the junk eating, over stimulated birthday party packed weekend takes a lot of work on my part. Sticking to my guns and not giving into pizza for breakfast! 
And not running to jumpin jakes first thing in the morning to book a party date because the kids 'Just Have to have their party there too' is a daunting task!"

I used to get so upset and frustrated...why are parties so full of junk and craziness? I questioned the parties I threw for my children, they were exactly the same. Should I offer healthy options and a more subdue atmosphere? 

In the end I decided NO...parties are like a right of passage. And I figure I can't control everything my kids eat, but when the parties are done an we are home I can control and provide them with healthier options. When they are out with heir friends and enjoying life ... Let them enjoy!