Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Fit Tips: Don't Drop your Routine By Lisa Druxman, Stroller Strides CEO

Summer is HERE! I don’t think I am alone in feeling like summer is a time for celebration; warm weather, outdoor fun, school’s out, I could go on and on! One of the things summer is known for, however, is the tendency to drop your routine because of trips, vacations, family visiting, etc. While we don’t want you to miss out on the fun, we also don’t want you to take steps back in your fitness journey. Here are some Summer Fit Tips to get your workouts in:
Schedule your day with your workout in the plan-know when and where your workout will take place and honor that commitment to yourself.
Keep it simple-Your workout doesn’t have to be an overly planned event; simply get to your Stroller Strides or Fit4Baby class (or take a class in the town you are visiting on vacation), put your shoes on and get outside.

Look at the movements of your day with an athlete’s perspective-everything you do throughout your day can be part of your “workout”. For example: deep squats when picking up the laundry basket/infant car seat, take the stairs two at a time (and fast), calf raises while washing dishes, glute squeezes in the car on the way to the beach, core rotation while digging a hole in the sand with your toddler…you get the picture!
Prepare for the unexpected-Summer brings with it a relaxed and fluid energy. Try not to get too stressed if the workout didn’t happen when it was supposed to or for as long as you would like. Just make up for it somewhere else.
Most importantly, stay active this summer…you deserve to play and parent in a fit healthy body!
  • By Lisa Druxman

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