Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birthday Party Overload

Picture just received 5 birthday party invitations for the same weekend. The older child was invited to 2 the younger child to 1 and both to the other 2. (following so far?) Right off the bat you RSVP no, to two of them. 5 parties in one weekend is insane, 3 is a bit more manageable.

Saturday rolls around and you and your husband divide and conquer so that both children can attend the birthday parties they were invited to. After 3 hours of running, climbing, sliding, and jumping, chips, pizza, cake and goody bags full of candy your kids fall asleep in the car just to do it all again the next day. Sounds pretty good right? Kids in bed early a glass of wine and a uninterrupted movie with the hubby. It does sound good until Monday morning rolls around and the first thing they ask is "can I have a cupcake? can we go to jumpin jakes?"

In our house, getting past the junk eating, over stimulated birthday party packed weekend takes a lot of work on my part. Sticking to my guns and not giving into pizza for breakfast! 
And not running to jumpin jakes first thing in the morning to book a party date because the kids 'Just Have to have their party there too' is a daunting task!"

I used to get so upset and frustrated...why are parties so full of junk and craziness? I questioned the parties I threw for my children, they were exactly the same. Should I offer healthy options and a more subdue atmosphere? 

In the end I decided NO...parties are like a right of passage. And I figure I can't control everything my kids eat, but when the parties are done an we are home I can control and provide them with healthier options. When they are out with heir friends and enjoying life ... Let them enjoy!


  1. Your boys have better social lives than I do!

    I used to get upset over R eating junk too. I definitely think that I will be more relaxed with C (and already have been, but he is not interested!). It's probably better to have balance rather than completely restricting certain foods anyway. R would happily eat junk all day long if allowed, but Is at an age now where she understands that some foods 'help her grow big and strong' and others are just for special occasions/treats.