Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ten Favorite things

There is a show on Bravo called "Ten Things That Make Me Happy" where celebs share things that make them happy. While Kyle Richards was talking about her sentimental 10 carrot ring and her lasagna it got me to thinking, what are my favorite things.  I may not have a 10 carrot ring or 10 Chanel bags but there are a lot of things in my life that make me happy.

First is obviously my handsome husband and beautiful boys! That is a no brainer.

Next I would say are my pearl set. In my everyday to day I do not get to wear them much, although showing up to @Stroller Strides wearing them would be something to talk about. When I put them on I feel like I am the ideal, classy wife and mother, I walk taller and with my head held high. I feel like I am without faults or leftover lunch on my shirt. Yay for pearls! 

My dog makes me very happy. Who doesn't love the way a pet reacts when you come home? 

My IPod makes me happy! When I am using my IPod it means I am going for a run, it's my time to clear my head, and just listen to the music. As mothers we do not get a lot of time to just ourselves, even taking a shower is often interrupted these days. But when I am running, it's just me and my motivation! 

Another thing that makes me happy is my house!  The yard is a great place for hitting a few golf balls or baseballs, the driveway is perfect for bike riding, and the deck gets lots of sun for tanning!  When I walk through the door I feel at home, it is comfortable and warm.  It is a place where lots of fun memories are being made!

Okay, this one might be a little odd to some but, Clorox Wipes make me happy! I know, 'going green' is better but these wipes make cleaning so quick and easy. When my little ones miss the toilet bowl these babies are the best! Seriously, how do they miss that big hole and get the wall?

Housewives make me happy. Usually tons of drama and basically a train wreck. Gotta love reality tv! If you are not watching at least one group of housewives you are missing out! Kyle Richards (RHBH) got me thinking and Phaedra Parks (RHA) always has great, funny words of wisdom! 

I love Twizlers, they make my sweet tooth happy!  

Another thing that makes me happy are mimosas. Champagne and oj, what a combination! Most likely if you are drinking a mimosa you are celebrating something like a bridal or baby shower or are on vacation. What's better than that? 

Lastly my engagement ring makes me so happy. Not only is it beautiful, but it is a symbol of our love. When I think about how nervous my husband must have been to not only ask me to marry him but to first ask my father, who by the way asked my husband 'if he was sure?" um, thanks a lot dad. Ha. Anyway, it makes me smile. 

Those are 10 things that make me happy and that I love! Take a minute and think about the things that you love!


  1. Great list. I am there with you on family , my dogs, even the twizzlers. :)) I hope to make running something that makes me happy rather than winded and I am stealing this idea for a new blog post. :) Thanks for the inspiration.Z

  2. Thank you! And steal away, haha!