Sunday, September 23, 2012

Date Night

The kids have been fighting with each other all day, no naps, public meltdowns in Target, the Hubby has to work late again, you feel like you have been yelling all week… and it's only Tuesday! Yikes, you need a date night! 

But sometimes even getting to date night, a night that is supposed to help refresh you, allow you to talk about something other than the potty and super heros and bring you closer to your love can be stressful. It shouldn't be but it is.  All the planning that has to be done is just another thing to add to the long list of to do's. Finding a babysitter, making a reservation, and finding a cute outfit that does not have stains on it and for some of us, finding an outfit for the other half of the date.  But once that is done, date night is SO on! And it is so enjoyable to share a meal and a glass of wine or two and an adult conversation with the one that helped you create the chaotic life you love. 

It all comes full circle!

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