Sunday, September 9, 2012

GREAT morning

As I was waking up the other morning, clearing the sand out of my eyes, and starting to think about what we have planned for the day. Which lets be honest, I am doing all night long instead of really sleeping, I hear my youngest's door creek open and not far behind is my oldest. Next thing I know, we are all cuddling in my bed. It was so awesome! I felt bad that my hard working husband had already left for work and was missing it.  Normally, because I am such a pushy and impatient person I would have rushed them downstairs to have breakfast but I realized that we had nothing important to do that morning. I just embraced the moment knowing this would not last forever! There may come a day where they will not even want me to hug them :(

Eventually we do get up. We go downstairs (still in PJ's) and I make them breakfast and put on a cartoon. Normally I would be organizing my bag and making a list of things to do, not this morning, I enjoyed a cup of coffee and relaxed (sort of). In my head I was thinking, take advantage of this and get to cleaning… so I did.

I used to have someone come to the house to clean but I kinda felt like a slug. I am home most of the day so I should be able to find time to do my own cleaning.  And I honestly do not mind cleaning.   Anyway, the boys have now moved into the office and are playing a Disney Jr. game on the computer and I am working hard in the kitchen. I can hear them laughing and having a conversation about the game, it's really cute. Just one of the reasons we wanted to have more than once child! 

Back in the kitchen I am done with the counters, dishwasher is loaded, I move to the bathroom, then sweep the floors.  And I am thinking I can not believe they have not asked for a snack yet. Let me keep going!! I move onto vacuuming and dusting and there it is… "We want Cheezits" Let me remind you it is now only 8:00am. Cheezits is not happening, I bring them some grapes. After I give them the grapes I wonder, do I take a chance and start mopping?  I just know once I start there are going to be little feet walking right through. I decide to roll the dice! 

I even got through writing this blog!  I didn't feel guilty because they were keeping each other entertained, and now we could start our day! It's only 9:50am! 

Like I said, GREAT morning!

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