Sunday, September 2, 2012

Are We Ready:

The preparation leading up to kindergarden is a lot of fun...picking out book bags and first day of school outfits. But in reality it's a day that I am completely dreading.

The idea of sending my son off to kindergarden feels like I am sending him off to the wolf den. All these thoughts have been racing through my mind.

Have I prepared my son for every challenge he may face?

Bullies- will he be strong enough not to let words hurt him or strong enough to actually hold his own if he needs to? Or better yet to walk away and tell an adult?

Will he be confident enough to be his own person and not be a follower? 

Have I taught him to respect his teachers and not be the class clown?

Will he be outgoing enough to speak up and make new friends. Friends who will like him for him!

And then there are the crazy thoughts... I mean really crazy...I wot go there!

But the truth is from here on out its out of my hands. He will now be influenced by, well lets face it ...strangers. bus drivers, teachers and schoolmates. People I don't know. 

All I can do is pray I've done my job as a parent and leave the rest up to him. And Hope I'm sending him off with all the necessary tools he will need.

And on that day I'll wait nervously all day till he gets home to hear how it was.  I'll be excited and proud of him, and ill be confident in what a smart intelligent little man I'm raising!

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