Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Stink Eye

We were at an indoor kids play area the other day, I won't mention which one… My boys were having a great time, and playing really nicely together. Watching them made me smile!  We had been there for a while and then some slightly older kids came in and the whole dynamic changed. They were routy and playing with each other kinda rough. While their mothers sat on the other side of the room chatting, clueless about how their children were acting. I asked my children to try to stay away from them, as did a few other moms.

A few minutes later my 4 year old came over to me and said "I have a secret to tell you mommy", I leaned down and he whispered in my ear, "That boy in the black shirt (one of the routy ones) just called me stupid!"  I was pissed! Are you kidding me? Who is raising this child to say such mean things to a stranger, to another kid? I quickly pulled myself together and asked my son, "what did you say to the mean boy?"  "I told him I was not stupid and walked away!" my son told me.  YES! I thought, perfect!  He did not let it bother him, sticks and stones!  But it DID bother me!

I did not see it happen and it's probably a good thing I didn't because I know my son has to learn how to handle things like this, it is a part of life unfortunately and I can not fight his battles even though I REALLY want to.  

But you better believe I made sure that little boy knew I was watching him, I gave him the Stink eye for the rest of the time we were there.

I am not saying I am a perfect mom, I am far from it. But there are certain things I try to stress to my children. Always say please and thank you and to be kind. I do not think it is all that difficult or asking too much of them.  As parents I think we need to consider what values we want to instill in our children.  Are compassion and consideration two values that has been forgotten?  I sure hope not!

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